Grezzto Special Lubricant & Chemical
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is a heavy duty cleaner concentrate designed to meet and beat industrial grime.Unlike alkaline cleaners,
Grezzto: DDA is compatible with ferrous, aluminum and cupric metalsand is primarily formulated for
shops in which non-ferrous fines react with react with typical cleaning fluids.

Grezzto:  DDA uses the latest emulsion cleaner technology allowing excellent solvency in the removal
of soils without the cost and hazards associated with straight solvent cleaners.  

Grezzto: DDA may also be used to clean hard surfaces such as machinery, counter tops, ceramics,
appliances, etc., As with all cleaners, it is suggested the material be tested in an  inconspicuous area
before use to ensure compatibility.

Due to the solvent nature of the cleaner it should not be stored in plastic containers where      
permeation is likely to occur.  Please refer to the product MSDS for safe use recommendations as
well as essential protective equipment.






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