Grezzto Special Lubricant & Chemical
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is the chemical enhancement to the key post of oil and anti-rust oil of liquid. EM-60/5 prevents the separation
of the coolant with the EM-60/5. The molecular structure of   the adhesion is between the coolant water to
remain in good condition and ready for using   for a long time. And a thin film can help prevent rust and normally.
When the oil major Oil  Group with water, it is high time for about 2 to 3 weeks. Cut Oil Co., oil will start
separating  from each other.  Causes the oil Cut Oil Co. rot or spoil a lifetime will be shorter. Product EM-60/5
This is ideal for cold-rolled steel pipe manufacturing plant.     

  Outstanding Characteristics

  • Prevent rot and rotten. Fuel Oil Co. of Connecticut.
  • Not bad for a mechanical fuel injection valve, and Chill.
  • Safe with metal, plastic, metal, skin color.
  • The life of the oil major Oil Group has been a long time.
  • Help create a film to prevent rust.
  • Saving costs.
  • Time-saving solution is to change often.





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