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Compressed gas leaks result directly from vibration, chemical activity, corrosion, mechanical
stress and material flaws or weaknesses. These stresses attack the pipes, fittings and containers
that are used to transport and store compressed gas.

After enough tive, gas leaks may develop even in the best designed and constructed  systems.
Finding  these leaks can be frustrating and time consuming.

Pinpoints both small/ slow and fast/ large leaks from any pressurized gas system easily and 
quickly clings to vertical surfaces.

Apply full strength on pressurized fitting to be tested.  Bubbles will appear at location of
gas leaks.  Low pressure leaks will produce smaller and slower forming bubbles.

After testing, allowing parts to air dry is not a problem as Bubbles does not contain any 
corrosive  components.

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Crystal Case Chemical

A professional company specializing in chemicals for over 10 years. From this great experience, we have earned trust and confidence from many companies and industrial factories. Moreover, we have acknowledged the customer’s demands in our products in both in the industries sector and many other companies. Therefore, our company’s networks have created a special analysis center in 2005, in the name of Crystal Case Chemical. To this, Crystal Case Chemical Center has created many different types of chemical for a large of number of organizations and distributes our products to our customers. In addition, apart from satisfying our customers’ needs, we still emphasize on developing both our products and services.