Grezzto Special Lubricant & Chemical
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was developed to provide you with a multi-temperature paintable mold release that not attack plastics
or smear onto parts being  molded.  It also leaves you with free finish


Paintabel Mould Release words efficiently on both hot and cold molds.  It is CFC free and  free of
chlorinated solvents. It will impart a smooth dry film, which is biodegradable and non –toxic.  It can be
used where parts will be painted, hot stamped, metalized or other wise decorated.

Performance Charateristic:

  • Will not later electronic signals
  • All temperature, paintable mold release
  • Semi-dry formula to prevent transfer onto parts
  • This solvent free mold release eliminates the breakdown of plastics
  • Provides you with coverage up to 600๐F temperatures
  • Food accepted
  • Economical



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Crystal Case Chemical

A professional company specializing in chemicals for over 10 years. From this great experience, we have earned trust and confidence from many companies and industrial factories. Moreover, we have acknowledged the customer’s demands in our products in both in the industries sector and many other companies. Therefore, our company’s networks have created a special analysis center in 2005, in the name of Crystal Case Chemical. To this, Crystal Case Chemical Center has created many different types of chemical for a large of number of organizations and distributes our products to our customers. In addition, apart from satisfying our customers’ needs, we still emphasize on developing both our products and services.