Grezzto Special Lubricant & Chemical
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is a general purpose emulsifying oil or soluble oil for use in a wide variety of metalworking operations.
It is a very versatile,economical product possessing great durability. It is used in cutting and grinding
operations where maximum cooling is required. CUTTING OIL is an alkaline buffer system that makes
the emulsion more resistant to bacterialand rusting.

CUTTING OIL is uses for most machining operations including, screw machining , stamping, turning,
drilling, milling and grinding etc. It is suitable for steels with greater than 70%  machinability. When
madding an emulsion, always add oil to water. Never add water to oil.



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Crystal Case Chemical

A professional company specializing in chemicals for over 10 years. From this great experience, we have earned trust and confidence from many companies and industrial factories. Moreover, we have acknowledged the customer’s demands in our products in both in the industries sector and many other companies. Therefore, our company’s networks have created a special analysis center in 2005, in the name of Crystal Case Chemical. To this, Crystal Case Chemical Center has created many different types of chemical for a large of number of organizations and distributes our products to our customers. In addition, apart from satisfying our customers’ needs, we still emphasize on developing both our products and services.